Humane Law Enforcement Solutions
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Humane Law Enforcement Solutions (HLES) is the single source for all your humane law enforcement needs. From a web based reporting form to the printing of court documents, HLES has you covered.

Report Submission

The complaint submission form integrates seamlessly into your website. With just a few lines of code, you can begin receiving animal cruelty, abuse, and neglect complaints. Once a complaint is received, you can be notified by email or text message allowing you respond in a timely manner. See more...

Dispatcher's Console

The dispatch system includes both dispatcher and mobile consoles. Dispatchers can ship (preview), queue (up next for response), and assign (active call) reports to field personnel. Dispatchers can monitor and update progress and status of field personnel. Status includes off duty, available, on duty, enroute, on scene. See more...

Mobile Terminal

The mobile terminal screen provides all the information field personnel need to perform their job safely and effectively. Case information and notes are readily available. Updates to the case can be made right from the mobile terminal and include general notes, status (new, open, active, and closed), follow up date, suspect/witness information, violations and citations, photographs, and documents (Word, Excel, PDFs). See more...

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